Sustainable Promotion for Our Clients

Sustainable Promotion for Our Clients

The Bank offers a comprehensive product portfolio in its three fields of promotion, namely "Economy", "Housing" and "Infrastructure/Municipalities". Besides low-interest promotion and development funds – also with non-standard maturities – advisory services represent an important element of NRW.BANK’s activities, complementing its banking services and adding value to its development and promotion activities.

The promotion products are geared to the three aspects of sustainability: the NRW.BANK.Effizienzkredit is oriented towards the ecology, the NRW.BANK. Universalkredit focuses on economic considerations and the social housing promotion products revolve around social aspects.

Protecting the Climate and the Environment

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Across its three promotional fields, NRW.BANK has defined the promotion theme "Energy Transition/Environmental Protection". In the past years, these themes have become significantly important for society and thus also for promotion. At the sacme time, the protection of the environment has increasingly attracted public interest.


The NRW.BANK.Infrastruktur programme is designed to support investments in environmental protection infrastructure and measures aimed at improving energy and carbon efficiency. The Bank uses renewable energies not only for its own operations but also promotes their use by customers by offering them special promotion products and financing relevant projects.

Apart from the array of environment specific products offered, NRW.BANK also attaches great importance to the sustainable use of resources and to environmental protection as part of its own corporate responsibility. It is the declared objective of the Bank to reduce the use of resources effectively and to compensate to the greatest extent possible for inevitable environmental burdens. The Bank obtains its electricity as certified green electricity from hydroelectric power plants. In order to continue achieving a positive trend in its environmental performance indicators the Bank ensures that resource- and energy-efficient technology, as well as district heat and energy-saving IT hardware is used in all of its buildings. Furthermore, the Bank steadily increases the proportion of recycling paper that it uses. The remaining greenhouse gas emissions are neutralized by the use of certified climate certificates.

 NRW.BANK prepares a balance sheet of its environmental data and consumption figures based on the standard of the “Verein für Umweltmanagement in Banken, Sparkassen und Versicherungen e. V.” (VfU – Association for Environmental Management in Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance Companies”). NRW.BANK reports these figures in its yearly Sustainability reports.

In addition to the reduction of direct environmental impacts, NRW.BANK places a large emphasis on reducing the indirect influences through its operations. With this in mind, NRW.BANK uses Deutsche Post DHL Group’s GoGreen climate neutral services to send its letters and parcels.


In 2017 NRW.BANK sent close to 550,000 letters and parcels by Deutsche Post. The logistics involved to send the mail translated to 20.2 tons of CO2 emissions which NRW.BANK was able to neutralize by using the GoGreen climate neutral services of Deutsche Post. For further information please click on the certificate below.

Assuming Social Responsibility for Employees

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NRW.BANK sees promotion and development not only as a service to its customers but also as an integral part of its treatment of employees. From vocational and further training to a good work-life balance to award-winning measures related to health management and occupational safety, the Bank is committed to supporting its employees.





Showing Commitment to Society

Suspended letters (“Alle”) in the foyer of NRW.BANK’s Düsseldorf office.

As part of its corporate responsibility, NRW.BANK also supports public and social activities in North Rhine-Westphalia. To this end, it sponsors various projects in the fields of “Science & Education”, “Art & Culture” and “Society & Social Affairs”. Apart from these sponsorships, NRW.BANK also promotes corporate volunteering measures by its employees.






Corporate Responsibility

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