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As an employer bound by collective wage agreements, NRW.BANK is obliged, under Section 22 of the German Equal Pay Act (Entgelttransparenzgesetz), to publish a report on equal treatment and equal pay every five years. The first report was published as part of the 2017 Financial Report. In accordance with the law, the next report will be published as part of the Financial Report for 2022.

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Sustainability Report

NRW.BANK.ifo-business climate

July 2020

NRW economy leaves recession behind

(04.08.2020) North Rhine-Westphalia’s economy is gradually fighting its way out of the coronavirus crisis. In July, the NRW.BANK.ifo Business Climate improved for the third month in a row. Companies were not only more satisfied with their current situation, but for the first time since mid-2019 they are also optimistic about the coming months. For now, NRW has hence overcome the recession and is recovering again..

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